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Ford and Honda Cars Named Best to Buy in 2023

The Ford F-150 Lightning is the best car to buy in 2023 according to leading car research companies. It is the first time that an electric pick-up truck has been selected for the award.

Also on the best-to-buy list is the Honda Civic Type R which was honored for being the top in its class when it comes to performance and luxury vehicles, being rated the best car in this field to buy in 2023.

Top of the Lists

Ford’s truck was honored by online car research and shopping company The Car Connection. It also was placed at the top of the list by Green Car Reports.

On a 10-point scale, the vehicle scored in the top spot on six categories—safety, utility, comfort, performance technology, fuel economy, and styling.

Voted Uanimously

The editors at The Car Connection voted unequivocally and unanimously for the Ford F-150 Lightning says Marty Padgett, editorial director of The Car Connection, Motor Authority, and Green Car Reports. It establishes a benchmark for full-size pickup trucks. It does everything a truck and an F-150 should do, Padgett adds.

Editors at Green Car Reports named the Ford F-150 Lightning the best green car to buy in 2023. They say it was chosen because it is the most significant new green vehicle that has been made widely available to car shoppers in the 2023 model year. Those who rated the car as the top buy took into account new technologies, the vehicle’s impact on the environment, and its practicality.

Sets New Standards

The truck sets new standards for both buyers of electric vehicles as well as those who are looking to buy a truck, Padgett says, describing it as an “incredibly forward-thinking and incredibly capable vehicle” that also happens to perform in the same way as a regular gas-driven pickup truck.

Most Improved Car

The Honda Civic Type R was named the best performance/luxury car to buy in 2023 by Motor Authority. Editors chose the winner from redesigned or new luxury/performance vehicles that were made available for testing.

It is called a “hot hatch” that has grown up and yet remains fun.

The Honda was selected because it was considered to have the greatest appeal to enthusiasts when it comes to acceleration, capability, styling, handling, and features in addition to value, those who rated the car explain.

The Honda Civic Type R has matured since the time it was last named the car to buy in 2018, Padgett says. It has grown up, but it retains the edge in performance that makes it one of the most affordable and most thrilling performance vehicles that you can purchase, he adds.

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