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If you Want to Travel This Summer, but Not Spend $$$, Here are some Alternative Ideas

Prices for everything from gas to food is rising, with no signs of stopping. Alongside this, some people’s budgets are still tight or tightening. Summer travel plans are getting dashed as prices steadily increase, and costs of trips to Europe, as well as far-flung and international flights, are more expensive than in 2019.

Hotel prices, on average, have become 3x more expensive than they were just 2-3 years ago. A lot of people want to travel, but airlines cannot keep up with crew staffing, which means fewer flights run and prices are higher. Destinations are also trying to make up money lost from the past couple years due to COVID-19.

Experts say that coming across deals is not impossible, but looking at atypical flight times and destinations may help. Also, it is important to act quicky if you come across a legit deal—chances are others are also on the lookout! Here are some ideas for travel destinations that are fun, but will not use up all your hard-earned money.

Trip #1: Peru

Peru has a diversity of plants and animals, as well as the option to go to the beach or surf, much like Costa Rica, but it is much cheaper. You can hike Machu Picchu and take in the landscape, shop for ponchos and colorfully made hats and drink Peru’s famous alcoholic options for a few days and then travel to more of a beachy area for a completely different vibe. Peru has not gotten as much tourist attention as its neighbors, which means there is more room for you to enjoy!

Trip #2: Florida’s Gulf Coast

The area that includes Ft. Myers is much cheaper than Longboat Key, Miami and the other cities of ritzy Florida. You can get the same sunny skies, outdoor fun and pool lounging in for less money—meaning you can still save for the return trip next year or the trip to Hawaii you really wanted to take! Rent a cottage or vacation home to save even more money.

Trip #3: Portugal

Yes, a lot of Europe is expensive, but Portugal has slipped under the radar for awhile now, which is hard to believe, thanks to custard tarts, port and other gems. In fact, parts of Portugal are similar to Venice for its artwork, natural beauty and culture—without the price tag. Relax and enjoy the day drinking wine and taking in the scenery. Plus, rest assured knowing that you can have an international experience for less.

Trip #4: Your Backyard

If you are really intent on saving some money this summer, camp under the stars in your or a friend’s backyard. Pitch a tent, stargaze, play cards, read and roast marshmallows, hot dogs and kebabs under the campfire. Having an adventure does not have to break the bank!

Another perk: it is easy to make a rain plan! Wake up the following morning to a pancake breakfast in the comfort of your home.

We hope you can come up with a way to safely travel this summer while still saving money. Happy travels!

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