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Introducing Super Duolingo and General App Pros and Cons

Duolingo Plus Gets an Upgrade

Duolingo is one of the most celebrated apps for learning a language. While most users use the free version on mobile or desktop, there is also a paid version, called Duolingo Plus, which offers users the chance to test their progress, get unlimited “hearts,” or tries, per day and experience all things Duolingo sans-ads.

Well, that is soon to be phased out to become Super Duolingo, which may give curious users reason to upgrade their account.

What to Know about Super Duolingo

  • It has the same features as Duolingo Plus, but looks sleeker
  • “Super” was added since it is easy to translate in a lot of different languages and so much of using the app is about leveling up, similar to superheroes
  • Super Duolingo is fun, faster and fresh, keeping things exciting
  • Current Plus users can get access to new features (as they are added) for free, free members can still do a 2-week trial of the premium version
  • The price for Super Duolingo is the same as Plus
  • New features are planned, so stay tuned!

Now that you are ready for Super Duolingo to launch, check out these pros and cons of the Duolingo app, which are perfect for sharing with people in your life who may want to join you on your language journey:


  • Gamified Learning: Duolingo keeps things fun by turning learning into a game. Badges, fun characters and levels keep users engaged and motivated to keep getting closer to their language learning goals. This is not textbook learning!
  • Rewards System: Gain XP, level up and earn crowns: all of these rewards are to encourage active
  • Learn as You Go: Take Duolingo with you! It is available on the bigger screen of a laptop as well as the handheld options of a phone or a tablet. These are much easier to lug around than a heavy book or dictionary. Plus, it is even easier to learn almost every day.
  • Contextual Lessons: Duolingo breaks each lesson down by topic, such as Food, Shopping and Work. Through Stories and targeted sentences, words are put into context—and users can see how they are used in real life.
  • Free Option: Money does not have to be a barrier in learning with Duolingo. In fact, most people are learning a language for free!
  • The Freedom to Choose: Choose to learn multiple languages or to just pick up the basics of another. Duolingo offers instruction in some of the world’s most commonly used languages and leaves it up to the user to decide how they learn best.


  • The Constant Pressure: If you turn notifications on, Duolingo will send you lots of alerts, which you may not want! You also may feel a lot of pressure on yourself to keep up with lessons and log on—even if you have other things to do. Before you sign up or continue with Duolingo, think about what kind of person you are and if you can have fun and learn sans-stress.
  • Repairing Skills: Beginners, especially, might feel like they need to repair skills to keep them up to snuff. But all those cracked skills are sad to look at! Can you ignore them and power forward, or will they nag at you to stay pristine and error-free?
  • It Might Not Be Enough: True beginners may need to supplement Duolingo with in-person language courses, conversing with native speakers and or watching movies or listening to music in the target language. While Duolingo provides a good cursory overview to major languages, it is not enough for most to get over the ‘beginner’ hurdle when not used with anything else. This is something to keep in mind as you begin learning or pick up where you left off. It is a great resource, but it can only do so much.
  • Translation Quality: Sometimes, Duolingo’s sentences read a little strangely and do not really mimic how actual people talk. Translations can be iffy and even sentences that are grammatically correct can be marked wrong, due to the system only accepting one or two answers, not variations.

Happy language learning and doing everything you can to maintain your Streak!

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