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Netflix dominates in a poll of 2022 best shows

Against all expectations, Netflix shows dominated in a new survey of America’s favorite television shows in 2022.

Not only did its shows take the top three spots in the survey’s list of the best overall shows of the year, they also filled the sixth and seventh spots. They took the top three spots in a list of the best scripted series of 2022. Netflix shows also filled two of the top three positions in a list of the best new series of 2022.

Major Contender

The results suggest that Netflix remains a major contender in the television world.

It indicates, too, that Netflix might regain its territory in 2023 after a disappointing 2022.

Overall the data collected in the survey, which was conducted by OnePoll of 2,000 respondents, appear to indicate a return from potential obsolesce for the service.

Sharp Fall

Early in 2022 Netflix shares dropped as much as 22% when the company reported disappointing quarterly earnings.

As the year continued, worries continued over losses in income and declines in paid subscribers. The company, which almost never discloses its viewership data, was forced to reveal that it lost about 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year and 970,000 in the second quarter.

Toward the end of 2022, however, the tide appeared to be turning and Netflix reported above-expected earnings and renewed subscriber growth. In October the company reported that it had a surprising 2.4 million new subscribers. They were likely attracted by reactions to the finale of “Ozark” in May and the conclusion of season 6 of “Stranger Things” in July.

At the end of 2022 the stock rallied, but nevertheless it lost more than half of its value during the year.

Could Regain Lost Territory

The new survey by OnePoll indicates that 2023 could be the year in which Netflix regains all of its lost territory—and possibly more.

The poll shows that in addition to scoring high on the ratings in the survey, Netflix secured the top choice of all shows with Season 4 of “Ozark.”

Potential Obstacles Ahead

A hint of trouble went it comes to new releases, however, was indicated in that only three of the service’s shows appeared in the highest-ranking premieres screened in 2022. Those shows were “Mo,” “Wednesday,” and “Inventing Anna.”

Of those premieres, “Wednesday” appeared to captivate audiences more than the others. In 2022, almost one in every four people who began watching the show ended up watching all of it, according to data from OnePoll. That means that the show was the second most-finished series behind “Yellowjackets” from Showtime.

Other Trends in the Industry

Other significant trends in this year’s television landscape that are revealed in the poll are:

• Those surveyed were more likely to select “Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” from Amazon Prime as their favorite above HBO’s “House of the Dragon.” This result ran counter to views that the HBO show had beaten out the Amazon show.

• Respondents favored Marvel’s “She Hulk: Attorney At Law” over “Andor” from Disney+. This view ran counter to that of critics who lauded the Disney+ series written by Tony Gilroy.

• ABC’s Emmy-winning sitcom “Abbott Elementary” is the only show that stands out among all the new releases.

• So many streaming and cable providers are around that broadcast television networks continue to flounder as they are beset by the wide range of competition.

What the Poll Showed

These were some of the results of the OnePoll survey:

Best overall shows of 2022:

– “Ozark,” Season 4 (Netflix), 8%

– “Stranger Things,” Season 4 (Netflix), 8%

– “Wednesday,” (Netflix), 8%

– “Yellowjackets,” (Showtime), 7%

– “Grey’s Anatomy,” Season 19 (ABC), 6%

– “Inventing Anna,” (Netflix), 6%

– “Love is Blind,” Season 3 (Netflix), 6%

– “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,” (Amazon Prime), 6%

– “The Last Movie Stars,” (HBO Max), 6%

– “Married At First Sight,” Season 15 (A&E), 6%

Best unscripted /reality series of 2022:

– “Love is Blind,” Season 3 (Netflix), 6%

– “The Last Movie Stars,” (HBO Max), 6%

– “Love is Blind,” Season 2 (Netflix), 5%

– “The Great British Baking Show,” Season 13 (Netflix), 5%

– “The Amazing Race,” Season 33 (CBS), 5%

– “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” Season 3 (Bravo), 4%

– “The Rehearsal” (HBO), 4%

– “We need to talk about Cosby” (Showtime), 4%

– “Lizzo’s Watch Out For the Big Grrrls” (Amazon Prime), 4%

Best new series of 2022

– “Wednesday” (Netflix), 8%

– “Yellowjackets” (Showtime), 7%

– “Inventing Anna” (Netflix), 6%

– “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” (Amazon Prime), 6%

– “House of the Dragon” (HBO), 5%

– “The Legend of the Vox Machine” (Amazon Prime), 5%

– “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” (Paramount+), 5%

– “Mo” (Netflix), 5%

– “She Hulk: Attorney At Law” (Disney+), 5%

– “Abbott Elementary” (ABC), 5%

Most started shows of 2022

– “Married At First Sight,” Season 15 (A&E), 46%

– “The Last Movie Stars” (HBO Max), 40%

– “Stranger Things,” Season 4 (Netflix), 37%

– “Ozark,” Season 4 (Netflix), 36%

– “The Amazing Race,” Season 33 (CBS), 35%

– “The Rehearsal,” (HBO), 34%

– “Love is Blind,” Season 3 (Netflix), 34%

– “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” (Paramount+), 33%

– “Love is Blind,” Season 3 (Netflix), 33%

– “I Love That For You” (HBO), 33%

Most finished shows of 2022

– “Yellowjackets” (Showtime), 26%

– “Wednesday” (Netflix), 26%

– “Ozark,” Season 4, (Netflix), 23%

– “House of the Dragon” (HBO), 21%

– “Stranger Things,” Season 4 (Netflix), 21%

– “Bridgerton,” Season 2 (Netflix), 20%

– “Willow” (Disney+), 20%

– “Tulsa King” (Paramount), 20%

– “The Big Brunch” (HBO Max), 19%

– “The Sandman” (Netflix), 19%

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