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Netflix Sees Record Highs with New Stranger Things Season

Netflix’s recent release of Stranger Things season 4 was one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. Delayed by both Covid-19 and unforeseen filming problems, Stranger Things’ fans had to wait nearly three years before the release of the next season.

This left fans eagerly wondering what would happen to Eleven and the Gang. When the first half of Stranger Things season 4 was released in May of 2022, it quickly shattered records.

The Rise of Stranger Things

The first season of Stranger Things originally aired on July 15, 2016. From its initial release, many Netflix users quickly took a liking to the characters and plot. In season 1 alone, viewers streamed over 38 million hours of the show.

Engaging Plot Outline

Stranger Things is truly in a league of its own. The first of its kind as a horror sci-fi with a balanced comedy twist, there are many reasons why Stranger things quickly rose to fame:

  • Multi-genre: Stranger Things has an excellent balance between the horror, action, thriller and adventure themes. It leaves viewers excited to watch each episode with unexpected twists and turns. Additionally, it cleverly incorporates humor into each episode to lighten the mood and make the show less dark.
  • 80s Themed: The vintage 80s theme gives Stranger Things a clever nostalgic touch. Vintage furniture, clothing and activities add to the show’s off-kilter aesthetic.
  • Strong Characters: Many viewers develop strong emotional connections to characters like Will, Eleven and Dustin as they grow up. Through the last four seasons, fans have watched these characters develop and change, both for the good and bad.
  • Cliffhangers: Netflix makes excellent use of cliffhangers to keep their viewers engaged. The end of each episode includes a special revelation, such as Nancy’s glimpse of the Demigorgan in season 1. This makes the next episode irresistable.

Season 3’s Cliffhanger

The end of season 3 left viewers especially interested in what would happen next. Some changes seemed to wrap up loose ends and leave problems resolved, while others seemed to open the door for the unexpected.

Eleven’s Powers Disappear

After destroying the Mind Flayer, Eleven’s powers seemingly disappear. Exhausted by the fight, it seems Eleven’s powers are completely gone. She is unable to even crush a can.

A New Home for Joyce, Will and Jonathon

The end of season 3 has Joyce, Will and Jonathon leaving Hawkins, Indiana. Hoping to escape the fear and trauma of the past, the Byers family packs their bags and moves to California in search of a fresh start.

Hopper in a Russian Prison

Perhaps the biggest cliffhanger in season 3 was the ending scene, where Jim Hopper is seen deep in a Russian prison. After being presumed dead by fans and the whole town of Hawkins, an ending scene gives hope for his safe return to Joyce and Hawkins.

Evidence of the Upside Down

Along with the presumed death of Jim Hopper, residents of Hawkins assume the gate to the Upside Down has been destroyed. However, the end of season 3 reveals the presence of the Upside Down is still alive and well in the world. When the show flashes to the Russian prison, a prisoner is seen being dragged to the depths of the prison and fed to a Demigorgan.

Season 4’s Record Release

With this intense cliffhanger, it’s no surprise that Stranger Things season 4 was released with record numbers. Within a week of its release on May 27, nearly 287 million hours were viewed all over the world. This is nearly double Netflix’s previous record set by season 2 of Bridgerton at 193 million hours.

Most impressively, this high record only included the first half of the season.

Fans Wait for More

The second half of Stranger Things season 4 is set to release during the first half of July. Ended with another cliffhanger that leaves Nancy and the others escaping Vecna’s grasp, viewers are eager to soak up the remaining episodes. Many people are wondering if the season’s second half will continue to break new records.

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