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Samsung Announces Self-Service Repairs for Galaxy Users

Samsung has recently joined Microsoft and Apple by introducing self-service repair programs. Apple announced the repair program starting with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Users have access to all the tools and manuals they need to comfortably complete phone repairs at home. The trend was soon to be followed by Mac computers.

Samsung launching the DIY phone repair also gives users a chance to grab a tiny screwdriver and fix their damaged devices. It’s a US-only service that will cover Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets, Galaxy 20, and Galaxy 21 phones.

This is yet another win for the right-to-repair movement. Both companies are trying to create a premium care experience and elongate the life of their products. Even users with zero experience in phone repairs can attempt to fix damages on their devices thanks to the manual provided.

How Does It All Work?

The program gives Galaxy users access to step-by-step guides, repair tools, and genuine parts. The program doesn’t still include the newest Samsung products. To ensure you can safely perform the repair, you first need to inspect the repair guide or manual.

If you are confident you can tackle the repair, you will order the necessary parts and tools and get to work. Samsung collaborated with the online repair community iFixit in this launch. They offer parts and other tools you need to complete the repairs.

Visiting a professional technician is still an option for most people who can’t find their way around these tools and parts. The rapidly expanding program allows individual users and independent repair shops to access genuine parts, training, and tools, same as authorized Samsung service providers.

Both Samsung and Apple boast of making long-lasting, durable products that hold their value for many years. So introducing these self-repair services allow users to stay with the devices even longer. The whole concept is easy to grasp when you start using it.

The main thing is getting access to the guides that tell you what to do to safely repair the device. Once you learn how it works, you can easily buy genuine parts online with specialized repair tools and repair your smartphone or tablet.

What Can You Repair?

Wobbly display ports, cracked screens, and broken backs are the first on the list. Samsung says the display repair kit will include a battery. People are waiting to see if the service will expand to include other common repairs.

Apple started with the iPhone display, camera, and battery before expanding to other parts. Screens are the most prone to damage and have cost most users to seek repairs at one point. That is why this news from Samsung is welcomed by all of their Galaxy users.

The program is going to ease the process of seeking genuine repairs. You won’t have to surrender your device to another person when you can get new parts and tools to fix it yourself. More devices and repairs may be made available in the future so that no device owner feels left out.

After you are done with the repairs, you will take the damaged charging ports or screens back to the Company for responsible recycling. The Company said that while planning to allow users to handle their own repairs.

Samsung holds almost 22% of the US phone market. That means many people will be able to use their services and enjoy the self-repair benefits. The Company is slowly following in Apple’s footsteps. You should expect to be able to repair more parts in the years to come.

Here Is What Galaxy Users Stand To Gain

Before Samsung announced the self-service repair program for its device users, they were forced to seek these services elsewhere. Not everyone had access to the Company’s in-house repair services. Going elsewhere forces you to risk voiding your warranty.

But since all the parts you are using are genuine from the Company, your warranty might still be intact. Although there is a third-party iFixit service, everything you buy is certified by Samsung. Access to genuine parts is what most device users have been craving for many years.

You will also be able to extend the lifespan of your beloved Galaxy device. Using ingenuine parts may only work for a short while before breaking down again. But repairing with genuine Samsung parts may offer better longevity. It doesn’t matter how you choose to look at the launch; you will notice it’s going to benefit users in one way or the other.

Not mentioning the time you save repairing your device at home than taking it to a repair shop. The overall convenience increases customer satisfaction. The services are yet to cover the new Samsung Galaxy S22. But the initiative is still a step in the right direction.

At least now, seeking repair services elsewhere will be by choice and not because you are forced to. Samsung’s launch comes after increased efforts to support consumers’ right to repair their own devices. They are trying to get ahead of the legislation that might force the issue.

Their efforts are mostly recognized in the US; it’s still unclear whether they will expand and offer the same services in all phone markets worldwide. One thing is for sure; their US-based Galaxy users will enjoy the convenient services that allow repairs without voiding warranties.

What You Should Know

As much as this is exciting news, you still need some technical knowledge and skills to complete these repairs safely. It’s possible to damage the device even more while using the tools and new parts on your phone.

Both Phone companies understand that not all users can easily make their own repairs without help. That is why they provide training using manuals and step-by-step guides. For a less tech-savvy individual, these manuals go a long way.

If you haven’t used a screwdriver in your life, take time to understand the instructions before considering the repairs. The good thing is that even independent repair shops still have the same access to genuine parts, specialized tools, and training. You can rely on them if you can’t complete the repairs safely.

Only the authorized dealers had access to genuine parts, but that has since changed after Apple and other companies started offering self-repair programs. All you have to do is be careful not to damage the device during your DIY session.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Joining Apple in offering self-repair programs for device users has come with many benefits. Galaxy owners can now enjoy premium care services from the Company, including quality repairs. You will have easy access to specialized repair tools and parts. Their guides will show you what to do step-by-step to avoid costly mistakes. This is the future way; it was about time Samsung introduced the self-repair program.

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