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The Best Android Apps for Tracking your Sleep Effectively in 2022

Your sleep can sometimes be inconsistent because of different variables, and you might not even know things are going wrong during your cycle. That’s where you might turn to technology for guidance, and there’s nothing more convenient than utilizing a smartphone application. There are many viable apps out there, and this list will cover some of the ones for android.

You have the free tools at your disposal to address your sleep issues once and for all! It will feel good to have an accurate analysis of your patterns. There are no limits on how many apps you try to sleep better; some feature layered sounds or stories designed to help you drift off into dreamland. Tracking your sleep has never been more accessible than now, and these sophisticated apps will help you improve while making you aware of sleep conditions. These are currently trending as the top sleep aid apps for android in 2022, so consider their features to choose the right one!

Relax Melodies Sleep Sounds: Creating unique soundscapes to doze off

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds is a comprehensive and effective sleep app that will help you doze off in no time. It is designed to help your nervous system unwind after a long day, and the body gets used to certain apps over time. This means you will benefit from falling asleep much quicker to get better necessary deep sleep to function optimally the next day.

You have the power to create some beautiful custom soundscapes that suit your interests. 50+ immersively relaxing sounds will keep you returning for more each night before bed. The sounds range from meditation music to nature ambiance. Any soundscape is possible with Relax Melodies: Sleep sounds, and there is also a premium version to consider if you desire more effects to explore before resting! With over 30 million downloads, this app will help you even if you’re commonly restless with thoughts of the day.

Calm: A complete package to meditate, sleep, or just relax

Calm is a mobile sleep aid app that will help you develop a sense of being in the moment with increased mindfulness. It is primarily a meditation app, but it can also help you get to sleep with practical exercises. It’s perfect for beginners who are just getting into the concepts of meditation and want to improve over time. You can choose from unique guided meditation sessions, depending on your day’s stress. This way, if you had a particularly devastating day, then it can be worked out better with this Calm app. A free version will suffice as an introduction, but you’ll want the premium if you take sleep seriously and want the whole experience. The Calm app provides the best of both worlds with meditative guides and general sleep improvement.

Headspace: Relax your mind and get into a meditative state easier

Headspace is the app that will reduce clutter in your life and help you sleep better. It has a straightforward interface that allows you to effectively doze off with no worries about the day left to stress you. It emphasizes mediation to eradicate the plaguing thoughts and replace them with tranquility. Many breathing techniques help your body naturally unwind. These effective relaxation methods come from proven science, so you get a wave of relaxation before bed instead of dwelling on the day’s anxieties. Additionally, there are some versatile sleep noises to turn on before bed, and they will help you tremendously. Concentration is easier with this app, and it will be your trusted sleep companion!

Pzizz: An incredible interface with memorable music that relaxes your mind

Pzizz is designed from the ground up to positively impact the senses and prepare you for a healthy night of sleep. It has a hypnotic interface that will have you looking forward to enjoying it each night. Incorporating Pzizz into our routine will be incredibly rewarding for your mood because sleep directly correlates with greater happiness and mental clarity. The most impressive feature of this mobile sleep app that stands out is the ability to fade out as you fall asleep naturally. One of the drawbacks of some sleep apps is that they lack this function, and the sounds or music can wake you up mid-sleep. Another exciting feature is the ability to play a narrator’s voice in male or female tones, depending on your preference. Or you might like to keep it off, and that’s easily manageable.

Runtastic Sleep Better: A sleep app to significantly improve your life!

Runtastic Sleep Better is an app that contains many other apps to help improve overall sleep quality. You have control over monitoring your sleep cycle consistently to gain knowledge and valuable data regarding your eight hours. It’s sometimes revealing when using this app, but it’s better that you know about any sleep disorder. This app will give you a platform to organize and keep track of all your dreams. You’ll have more dreams while listening because of better sleep. Runtastic Sleep Better will help to boost your patterns and attain a higher transcendent level of sleep as you’ve never felt before. Before you settle on sleep medication, it might be wise to consider a versatile app like this first. You can also improve with exercise and mindfulness while enhancing your waking experience with a sharpened mentality to tackle the day! It’s comforting to know if your sleep is lacking in efficiency because it allows you to improve and live better!

Sleep Cycle: Taking a more scientific approach to enhancing overall sleep

There are specific cons to using a traditional alarm clock, and the most prominent is that you might not be waking up at the right time. The Sleep Cycle App ensures you wake up smoothly and efficiently for the best results. The app utilizes your phone to monitor your sleep patterns throughout the whole night effectively. Sleep Cycle is a fantastic app because it constantly monitors your sleep, and you can set a particular time window to wake up. It will gauge your sleep condition and ensure waking up is a breeze! You deserve to wake up without feeling groggy and tired. Upon waking, you can observe the statistics of your recent night and look at the analysis. It has an intuitive interface that you can navigate easily before each sleep. Science is your best friend when it comes to logical and sound sleep regularly!

Sleep Score: Many sleep benefits to have a more restful night

Sleep score takes a slightly different approach to monitor your sleep by accessing the phone microphone. It can tell when you make specific movements that indicate a restless night, and you’ll receive an informative sleep score. There are many other metrics available to view your level of sleep quality that will benefit you. One of the perks of this app is that you can record valuable data to show your doctor. Sleep Score is an accurate app that will aid when diagnosing and helping you sleep soundly. The Sleep Score app also has some immersive and lovely sounds that will help establish a comfortable atmosphere to stimulate deep sleep. Finally, you will benefit from the proactive tips it gives you based on the results.

Sleep As Android: Sophisticated android sensors that will wake you up

Your android device has some onboard sensors that the Sleep As Android app uses to determine your sleep quality effectively. It is a reliable sleep tracker that will help you to wake up at the proper time every day. Consistency is essential in sleep because days you haven’t slept well add up quickly and lose functionality. A built-in smart alarm works in your favor, along with logging features to give you a long-term perspective on how well you slept in a period. You can utilize some relaxing sounds here that will encourage better sleep without a problem. An exciting feature includes the ability to take a wake-up test to see if you rose from sleep optimally. Too often do we stumble out of bed feeling groggy and lacking energy. This app can mitigate the factors behind restless nights and help you wake up healthier!

Loona: Immersive stories to help stimulate sleep transition to slumber

Falling into sleep is about science, but also mood and atmosphere. If there’s one app that fully understands the importance of compelling sleep ambiance, it’s Loona for android in 2022. They implement “sleepscapes” that play soothing music with a story designed to put you in a peaceful state of mind. Expect to enjoy immersive stories and activities that allow your brain to settle into relaxation mode without a struggle. It focuses your mind on something other than the thoughts of your day, and sometimes those are harder to stop than a train at full speed. A free version of the app will suffice, but the paid version gives you more stories, so they don’t get old or repetitive. If no other sleep apps suit you, then Loona might be that unique one that will do the trick! These are some interactive stories that are well-designed, creative, and perfect for slumber.

Breathwrk: An app Gain access to valuable classes with sleep exercises

If you want to educate yourself about the various sleep techniques, then Breathwrk will be your all-encompassing guide to a better future. The main goal of this app is to give you guidance and educational tools to promote better sleep. They start with all-important breathing exercises to help with a smoother transition to sleep. Customizing the experience with breath coaches and visuals is easy, so you’re doing them correctly.

There is great power in proper breathing to stimulate sleep, and Breathwrk will help you maximize oxygen flow throughout the whole body. Oxygenation is vital for falling asleep better. The subscription comes with even more exercises to enhance your relaxation at the end of a stressful day. The app takes it up a notch if your sleep problems are more severe, so you get all Breathwrk offers. There is also potential to improve your endurance with various exercises. It’s the best therapeutic breathing app for sleep!

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