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The History of Cinco de Mayo and Celebrations Across the United States

Many people mistakenly refer to Cinco de Mayo as Mexico’s Independence Day. However, it actually commemorates a significant battle between Mexico and France 150 years ago.

The Battle of Puebla was an unexpected victory for the Mexican forces, as their relatively small fighting force of 2,000 defeated 6,000 French troops. It occurred partly due to Mexico defaulting on the debt they owed Britain, Spain, and France.

However, it also began due to Napoleon III’s plan to install a French monarch within Mexico. After the battle, France returned with a more robust fighting force and installed Arch-Duke Maximillian to rule over the people of Mexico.

Mexico fought to regain its independence from the French, and during this time, “Cinco de Mayo” became a rallying cry for Mexican forces. When Mexico regained independence in 1867, Cinco de Mayo became a national holiday.

Since then, Cinco de Mayo celebrations have occurred annually with traditional food, dance, and music throughout the country.

How Cinco de Mayo Is Celebrated in Mexico Today

Despite what many people may think, Cinco de Mayo commemorations do not involve raucous celebrations and all-night parties in Mexico.

Instead, it is a solemn holiday, most often commemorated by parades, marches, and re-enactments of the famous conflict. Most commemorative events occur mainly in the east-central Mexican state of Puebla, where the fighting occurred.

People often dress up in traditional attire, with women donning long festive skirts that are colorful and heavily embroidered with silk ribbons. Meanwhile, men wear charro suits with a vest, a rebozo tie, and a sombrero.

Folk dances, mariachi music, and traditional food are essential to Cinco de Mayo events in Puebla. Although it is a relatively minor holiday in Mexico, there is often a festive atmosphere, though it is a bit more subdued than in other regions that celebrate the holiday.

Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in the United States

Cinco de Mayo has become an important holiday in the United States, particularly for Mexican Americans. Cinco de Mayo allows them to honor and showcase their culture and traditions, especially in regions with a large Mexican American population.

Certain cities in the United States are well known for their festivities, and thousands of people travel to them yearly to participate. Following are a few of the most well-known Cinco de Mayo destinations in the United States.

Enjoy Pre-Cinco de Mayo Festivities in Los Angeles, California

Fiesta Broadway is one of the most well-known annual festivals held in honor of Cinco de Mayo and always takes place a few weeks before the big day. Fiesta Broadway is held in downtown Los Angeles and hosts a variety of vendors, live musicians, and many other activities to enjoy.

On the day of Cinco de Mayo, many revelers head over to Plaza Kiosko at Olvera Street, located in the oldest part of historic downtown Los Angeles.

Here, you can enjoy a more traditional celebration, complete with mariachi music, Folklorico dancers, and many activities for the kids.

If you are looking for a more food-centric celebration, you will enjoy the festivities offered at Los Angeles Plaza. Vendors serve up traditional Mexican cuisine and delicacies from across Latin America.

In addition, there are plenty of margaritas and micheladas to go around. You can even participate in a food cooking demonstration or dance to traditional cumbia music and other Latin genres throughout the evening.

Historic Market Square in San Antonio, Texas

Most Cinco de Mayo festivities in San Antonio occur at Historic Market Square, where over one hundred local vendors sell authentic Mexican clothing, home décor, food, and other handcrafted items.

After spending the morning at the markets, you can enjoy upscale Mexican cuisine at Mi Tierra or check out one of the local food vendors at the Farmers Market Food Court.

On the evening of Cinco de Mayo, hit the streets and enjoy San Antonio’s Official Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl. This event is held at various venues throughout the city, offering specials on classic Mexican margaritas, top-shelf tequila, and other Mexican-inspired cocktails.

But, of course, if you’re not into the nightlife scene, you can always drive to Trader’s Village and enjoy their festivities featuring shopping, rides, dancing, and live music.

Douglas Park Celebrations in Chicago, Illinois

While Chicago is well-known for their St. Patrick’s Day festivities, they also hold exciting Cinco de Mayo celebrations. On the morning of Cinco de Mayo, thousands of Chicagoans and visitors head to Cermak Road and Wood Street to watch the parade procession as it makes its way to Marshall Boulevard.

After the parade ends, make your way to Douglas Park and enjoy the annual Cinco de Mayo festival featuring live music, traditional Mexican fare, and delicious margaritas.

In addition to the culinary treats, the festival also features a carnival and vendors selling souvenirs and craft items. Families with young children may want to venture over to Toyota Park to attend a more family-oriented Cinco de Mayo celebration, which includes plenty of hands-on activities for the kids.

Cultural Immersions and Chili Cookoffs in Denver, Colorado

Cinco de Mayo festivities in Denver, Colorado, usually occur throughout the holiday weekend and the city. The Cinco de Mayo Festival is held at Civic Center Park and celebrates Mexican heritage and tradition.

Three stages feature live music and dance performances. There is also a festive parade and plenty of vendors selling food and Mexican folk art.

Younger attendees will love the petting zoo at the Children’s Carnival, while dog lovers will get a kick out of the chihuahua races. In addition to these activities, you can participate in a taco-eating contest and visit a lowrider car show.

No matter how and where you choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year, it’s important to understand the cultural significance of this date and the history behind the battle fought over a century ago.

Attending Cinco de Mayo events is a great way to embrace Mexican culture and pay homage to Mexican Americans and their contributions to the United States.

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