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Top Trending Reading Apps for Android in 2022

These trending reading apps are perfect for bookworms with different tastes!

Before technology took over the world, you would need to lug a heavy backpack full of books to get your fix on the go. Reading apps are now more accessible than ever with tools to enjoy your favorite books for free or a subscription price. If you own an Android, some particular apps will be more suitable. However, some of them are available universally. The benefits of downloading one or multiple reading apps are countless. You can now zone out with headphones and get absorbed in a good book from anywhere. Most apps have an offline reading mode so that you can download books to read without a stable internet connection. These apps are enjoyable on your mobile device, but you should try a larger tablet screen while reading if you haven’t already. These are some of the top trending reading apps for Android in 2022, and it’s time to dive into the best ones available to download today!

Media 365: A great app for book reading on the go with a great library

No matter your preferred reading niche, you’ll find a valuable expansive library of trending ebooks with the Media 365 app. The best part of this app is you can read them all for free at your convenience, so it’s budget friendly for the long term. It certainly beats paying for regular books because those are expensive sometimes. You might have some ebook files that have priority on your list. Thankfully, Media 365 allows you to upload them within the app easily. The only noticeable con is you’ll have to endure a full-screen advertisement. Ads can be a dealbreaker for some if you value consistency and uninterrupted reading. On the flip side, you can close your eyes and take a small break from the screen when it appears. One perk includes the available indie titles that will give you a unique and appealing read. The whole Harry Potter series is free here, so that’s reason enough to download and install today!

Kindle: Take advantage of this stellar app if you have Amazon Prime

Kindle has one of the most impressive ebook libraries in the market, with countless genres to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re a picky reader because there is something here for everyone to enjoy. The app is consistently updated, so you get a bug-free experience emphasizing quality reading. Usually, you would need to purchase a Kindle device to gain access to this service, but thanks to its availability in app form on Android, you can download it and enjoy all the perks of Kindle. One of the unique features is a built-in dictionary that helps to illuminate any problematic words. You will get an immediate answer to any definition without having to close the app and do an internet search! X-ray Tech is another notable feature because it aids you in scanning the text and deciphering the more profound meaning. The only problem you’ll run into with Kindle is deciding what to read first!

Rakuten Kobo: A friendly alternative to Amazon with a massive online library

If you’re not too excited about trying out Amazon Kindle, then you might want to choose Rakuten Kobo as the best alternative. For a good reason, they are a fierce competitor of Kindle with a gigantic library containing millions of ebooks. Rakuten Kobo is a highly satisfying app because of the multiple customization features to fine-tune your reading experience. This app is adaptable, so you can access it on most phones and stay entertained with the best books. Conveniently adjust details like font style and color to personalize your reading overlay. Rakuten Kobo has a unique charm that considers your needs first. The only drawback is it has some outdated versions, such as Windows. However, you’ll find many ebooks available on Android, guaranteed! Enjoy consistent updates with this intuitive app as they stay on top of your daily experience with attention to the critical fixes and details on Android.

Comixology: Stimulate your imagination with an entire library of comics

This app is tailored to your reading preferences if you’re a comic book fan. There might be some comic books on other reading apps, but they aren’t nearly as abundant as Comixology’s focused library. Here you can explore some incredible comics from the most prominent publishers with endless hours of action. If you purchase some comic books on Amazon, it will automatically upload them to the app for easy access. You can kiss the days of carrying a heavy box of comics to a friend’s house to share goodbye. Gain access to the classics and new stories as long as you have your phone. The most prestigious publishers include DC, Marvel, and many other discoverable smaller brands. If you are utilizing the app through a phone, it’s best to take advantage of the “Cinematic Guided View” feature. This allows automatic zooming to see things better and gives a more fulfilling comic book ride! Enjoy a more traditional viewing experience with a larger tablet screen!

Epic!: A viable reading app for keeping kids busy and mentally sharp!

Instead of encouraging your kids to watch tv all the time, it would be wise to incorporate the Epic! app into their daily schedules. You don’t have to eliminate video gaming and other media, but the Epic! App for Android will encourage your children to read more enthusiastically. Here you will find some classic styles accompanied by current releases. The app is versatile, with access to both ebooks and audiobooks for children who may not want to read all the time. Everyone has different preferences and personalities, which also applies to reading. You can modify your child’s profile to suit their individuality, and the app will take it from there by giving them a variety of compatible stories to stimulate deep thought and imagination!

Foxit PDF Reader: View and share PDF files with ease for business or personal use

You might enjoy viewing your ebook files in PDF format and are not alone in that preference. The Foxit PDF Reader opens the door to a smoother reading experience by altering the nature of any PDF ebook file. It helps to adapt to your mobile screen by adjusting it perfectly. You will be able to reflow the text, so it’s easy to follow and read along. One feature allows you to share PDF files with others after you’ve enjoyed a good read. One of the most common problems with reading on a mobile phone is that the text is too small. You must zoom manually and deal with a clunky process while reading through PDF files. Foxit PDF Reader makes your phone more ergonomic for reading so you have consistency and clarity. A downside is you will need a monthly subscription to take advantage of the more advanced settings.

AI Reader: Arguably the best reading app for all active android users!

If you have an older or newer Android device, then the AI Reader app covers you with convenient compatibility. The library it offers is one of the best around, and it’s all for free. You will enjoy the classic masterpieces and their quintessential charm for hours. There are also lesser-known authors to explore and discover here! Using this reading app is easy if you have an outdated phone. That’s one of the main draws that makes a free online library more accessible if you’re stuck with an older Android device. It might not run as smoothly, but it does a satisfactory job. AI reader is one of the best reading apps for Android because it is highly accessible to everyone. A con is that you can’t upload PDF files with this app, and the screen is rather fidgety sometimes.

Google Play Books: The perfect app if you are a passionate Google user

If you’re an avid fan of Google, then you’ll want to add this companion reading app to your arsenal. It is designed with you in mind and has an appealing interface with many great features. For example, it has a page-turn animation that adds to the sense of realism while reading. The library is a decent size and is more appropriate if you’re a casual reader. This app is free, so you won’t feel pressured to read based on a monthly subscription obligation. You can pick it up and leave it alone for a long time without any problem. Picking up where you left off is easy, and many stories are available to explore. It might sometimes feel lacking if you’re an advanced reader on Android, but it’s great for a casual read. It has high stability and reliability, as you would expect from Google.

Wattpad: Gain access to some incredible stories to keep you busy for hours

Wattpad is where you will find a plethora of stories to explore. The most impressive reality of this app is the pleasing interface that is almost flawless. You can tell a lot of thought went into designing it for passionate readers seeking a fulfilling experience. The free library is massive beyond belief, with many different genres to enjoy for reading longevity. You can conduct a search based on popular picks or a specific niche. If you come across something exceptional, there’s a feature to share it conveniently with your friends and family. Perhaps the most exciting option is your ability to comment and leave feedback for the authors. Wattpad is also an excellent tool for authors because you can upload your work, which means it will be subjected to healthy constructive criticism to improve your skills with relevant feedback!

Moon Reader+: the most satisfying and intuitive app for Android in 2022!

The design of Moon Reader+ is fantastic, and you will enjoy a fluid experience when deciding what to read. Thousands of free books are available here across many interesting and captivating genres. If you open the same reading app daily, you’ll find it can be somewhat monotonous after a while. Moon Reader+ gives you ten customized themes to spice up your reading interface. Each book has a synopsis and unique covers, so you can choose between them quickly and start reading the best one for your mood. Moon Reader+ is versatile when handling other ebooks you’ve downloaded from competing apps. This way, you won’t have to isolate your collection and can have everything in one place. It might have fewer books than some, but there is a colorful selection that will keep you busy indefinitely!

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